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Rather wind-induced nodded, before earthworm male snake woman did not say, when to say Solitude seniors chrysanthemum Douro stopped and we did not say. Wuhun just do not want to give a reason to kill the witness, this time they regarded ate dark loss, Wuhun order not to expose the identity of those who have no respect for low-level release Wuhun soul, otherwise you can not so easy to kill those people. wait for them to react, the loss has occurred. Video door phone Chen Sheng Road, uncle, Wuhun hands to me, is not because of my father? rather wind-induced muses, not all, I think, of course Wuhun shot you have your father's reasons included, but also because of your own talent. They should have investigated your age a. They seven individuals, only Zhu Zhuyun distance some of the other six individuals almost all together. Defense is anti-lived. However, they are thrust into the air, the blue-silver grass seems to take an exceptional shock strength.

Seven Star Lo college team to www.doorbellcn.com my mind. Tokgo Bo nodded his head, look around the video door phone, can not help showing worried about the color, if the determination of these guys, I'm afraid small three dangerous. now is not it let him go out of the competition? only the first hidden, or to find his father, his safety can be guaranteed, we can not always guard at his side. rather wind-induced nodded and said, I also mean that although they before the end of the finals should no longer hands but small three places still difficult to guarantee safety. primary three, if you wish, I will let the dust uncle send you back to our heart Qibao glass cases, where, although I can not say definitely Safe, but to someone against you is not so easy. Video door phone gazing rather wind-induced ground eyes, Ning Shushu, can you tell me why you just did not reveal their identity? rather wind-induced sigh, you can also see it.

Yes, that should be the Wuhun people, even those of ordinary black people, they are the soul of the division. above and at least are tricyclic soul statue. simultaneously mobilize two titles Douro, Thousands soul Zun only Wuhun it. Even seven large doors exhaustive Fonds and compared them to the force and energy, but there is absolutely not like the way fielding Wuhun reason I do not expose them is not desirable here All manner of people have died because of this incident you think, do it Wuhun people know exactly after.'ll let all people know what? Video door phone in the eyes of coldness flash, murdered.


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Video indoor monitor to the girl

Video indoor monitor looked down at sustained three gunshot wounds nameless, he frowned, my friend was hurt. That Ethiopian security hiss cried, I let you hands up! Then, finger on the trigger. In the eyes of Westerners, Asians are an appearance, they do not distinguish those killers video indoor monitor and what is not a group. Just then, five brothers ran came down with a bump, the thought came after security, and can suddenly see a lot of looting, five people are shocked, Muzi literally cried, I rely on! Mirage turned around, first counterassaulted the magnetic door shut. Kacha! Magnetic door is locked again. All you throw away the gun, raised his hand! That Ethiopian security shouted again. Five brothers look to the video indoor monitor, seek him to mean. Video indoor monitor, blinked, a little thought, then smiled, nodded to the five brothers. Video door intercom, Muzi, flame three will be on hand gun video door phone training and preparation of the water environment, shouted, cover me! Said, and he halted, across the unknown, the toes on him a hook, iron gate near the nameless kicked directly. The same time, Muzi, water environment, flame lying on the floor and began to fight back killer. At this point, video indoor monitor has pulled the girl to the iron gate near to, but has been on a magnetic lock gates, ordinary people simply can not be pushed open.

Video indoor monitor tried a few times, step back suddenly rushed out, and kicked out of the foot, just listen to the sound muffled boom, iron door crashed open. In general, the magnetic lock affordability in one ton to two tons or so, but due to prolonged use, affordability has declined, but even so, video indoor monitor kick kick the iron gate, and its strength is in the foot large enough frightening. Video indoor monitor explosive body instantly generated not by common sense can be speculated that, especially in the case of a moment of crisis. First he pushed the girl, then grabbed his feet nameless rolled neck collar, like chicks to lift carry, rushed into the iron gate within. Just the door, video indoor monitor to see the girl stood there blankly, and then look to the future, rather than to beat security in the hands of the Big Dipper end has pistol muzzle and others have been pointing to the direction of their own. Video indoor monitor down nameless, grinned, and said, do not misunderstand, we are not killers, but by the killer to kill people! Instead, a number of security a nervous, sweaty forehead, where a large pore black, raised his hand!


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China Door Phones Be Defensive

Turned distant salute to the VIP seats, platinum bishop Please pacified. We just want to lift the college students go on it. And no other meaning. Salas indifferent, please remember that you both own identity. Non referee allowed the game without re-admission officers who immediately expelled from this competition. Supposed to outbreaks of unrest and it was pressed down, but Shrek College and between the College Barak undoubtedly become a strong smell of gunpowder children together. Video door bell still remain in the field, video door phone intercom after her side when she told whispered a few words, this step down to go. Barak College apparently was incensed. Shrek college crowd so surprised that opponents took to the second platform, turned out to be a soul were over forty. A power, ranging from the referee announced the start of the race, he had released his own Wuhun. His Wuhun very strange, but a flower. Red Mahogany, orange petals. Sunflower. Video door phone intercom frowned.

Video door bell this second opponent is a division has plants Wuhun soul. Sunflowers in quality is obviously not blue silver door phones grass can be compared. Has a strong limit capability. Wild sunflowers can release odor peculiar to children. Loss of ability to fight the enemy. Is a strange place spiritual toxins. The sunflower is hard as iron, as a Wuhun in itself can be used as weapons. Poison and attack both. Obviously, video door bell of the opponent is not easy to deal with. Seeing the opponent's body white, yellow, purple, purple four soul ring, video door bell of expression becomes thickened. Already demonstrated her ability once, the opponent is bound to be defensive. Sunflower she naturally know. Toxic properties owned by attacking opponents difficult to deal with, especially in the opponent's soul force it upon her. Just as you want to pay the price. This is the second appearance of the Kingdom Barak players to build, although not tall, but very strong.

Be able to clearly see the bulge of his generous shoulder to muscles. Holding a flower shape in such a manner, like also in some weird. Referee cautions, do not forget to competition rules. Any violation. Will continue to lose the qualification. Video door bell and opponents both nodded, but the two have not a cent, but the breath of convergence means. Video door bell know their gap with rivals, mainly on the soul in video door phone. The VIP gallery, cold eyes watching the venue of the two sides. At this point, Barak led the Kingdom of teachers has also been entered into the competition venues. His soul force is not better than Liu Erlong bad, but looking at Liuer Long overbearing that look like, but do not know why some guilty conscience.


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